The Dragon Boat is considered as a pre-eminent team sport. The business world shares many similarities and values with this activity. In both cases, success is achieved through collaboration, communication, compromise, a good atmosphere and coordination between those involved. Developing and promoting these aspects, which delicately affect the profitability and ambiance of any company, will assist in attaining the company’s objectives.

Enter the Universe of the Dragon Boat with us. We have the best offers.

Corporate events

We can organise corporate events between different companies, traders, customers forming part of the value chain or between departments of the same company.

We will adapt to your needs, the organisation’s resources, the fitness and number of participants and the schedule or format of the event you want to organise.

Corporate events can be supplemented by other offers relating to sports, culture, recreation and tourism which are available at the particular centre or location.

Company incentives

Break the routine. Come have fun with us. Organise teams with employees, associates, customers, suppliers, friends, etc., from your company and discover the pleasure in quickly learning the basic navigation techniques leading to the excitement of energetic competitions.

Company Festivals

The Dragon Boat is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. For many years, festivals have been organised in the largest cities of the world, such as New York, Berlin, Istanbul and many others.

True to our philosophy of presenting and informing people of this sport in the Iberian Peninsula, we, in partnership with the Banyoles Swimming Club, pioneered the organisation of the Dragon Boat Festivals that have taken place in Spain every year since 2012.

Teams of different categories participate in these festivals. One such category is the company team.

We can organise this type of event upon request of a company, institution or local authority that wishes to benefit from its participative and revitalising capability that can also provide publicity.

Team building

The enhancement of team work and the resolution of conflicts are some of the most cogent applications of the Dragon Boat in the area of business. The reason is the array of resources that this activity makes available to human resource departments and consultancy firms. Furthermore, we have expert trainers in business coaching who will extract the most from the activity.

If you are interested in a description of these resources and values, click here.

The Dragon Boat is an ideal tool for team building. Our “Teaming Up” offer raises team spirit to its highest degree.

By taking advantage of the ample schedule of world-wide competitions and festivals throughout the year, or even our own programmes, we offer businesses and companies the opportunity to stimulate and motivate their employees and associates through a fantastic challenge that entails the planning of a training schedule which allows teams within a company to be established, developed and even to represent the company in a particular event. Beyond providing a full programme, we can manage the logistics for organising the trip.

Additional services

Dragon Boat Emotions is supported by its parent company, Agenda Sports&Elements, allowing us to offer much more:

Package offers, customised services:

If you are looking for a programme of activities for one or more days, we can suggest complete programmes and offers that include the Dragon Boat and other exciting and motivational activities such as kangoo jumps, bubble football, endurance tests, orienteering, disc golf, padel and others. These tie in with other support services in relation to logistics, transport, accommodation and additional activities covering culture, business, tourism and gastronomy.

We create customised experiences for living as a team.


At Dragon Boat Emotions, as part of Agenda Sports&Elements, we are prepared to completely or partially organise the logistical issues for the holding of your company’s conference, presentation, networking or yearly meeting. If necessary, we will take charge of everything: the centre, transport, hotel, recreational activities, etc. Talk to us for more information.