5th October 2019 Banyoles celebrates the 8th International Dragon Boat Festival

October 5th, 2019 has been decided to be the date for the celebration of the 8th International Dragon Boat Festival of Banyoles. The practise of Dragon Boat is gaining popularity around the world. The reason for this is that – although it is a competitive sports discipline – the basic techniques are very easy to learn, which makes it ideal for everybody. Any group can have a great time competing even having done only a short initiation session.

There will be 3 modalities: Corporate Teams, Friends, and Paddle Against Cancer.

Within the Festival, there will also be an Instagram photo contest. You only have to upload your photograph related to the Festival during the event with the tag #DBEmotions or #DragonBoatBanyoles, and you can win lots of prizes and discounts. To sign up, you can send an e-mail to info@dragonboatemotions.com or call: +34 972 580 639

This festival is organised by the Banyoles Swimming Club, Dragon Boat Emotions and Agenda Sports&Elements. The goal is to announce and promote an activity which, apart from being a very healthy sports discipline, is a great resource for companies in order to boost motivation and team work, and a leisure activity which people around the globe are passionate about.

Dragon boat Festival

Agenda Sports&Elements, in collaboration with the Banyoles Swimming Club, organised the first Spanish Dragon Boat Festival held at the Lake of Banyoles in 2012. It has been held every year since then with growing success. The creation of Dragon Boat Emotions, with its organisational capacity and equipment, is a definitive step in cementing these events as one of the most popular sporting demonstrations celebrated around the lake, while facilitating the organisation of such events in other locations.

The acquired experience and the forged structure provide the basis for offering an organisational service for festivals that are adapted to companies, institutions and local authorities seeking to gain a return from values of a social, sporting, cultural, economic and inter-disciplinary nature which are generated by these gatherings.

A little bit of history

The DRAGON BOAT Festivals that were traditionally held in China are probably the oldest competitive celebrations in the history of humankind. For more than 2,300 years, they have commemorated the attempted rescue of the patriotic poet, Qu Yuan, who committed suicide by throwing himself into the Miluo River in protest against the corruption of the time.

At the 1978 Hong Kong Festival, rules and guidelines were created for holding standardised Dragon Boat regattas. This was the beginning of the modern Dragon Boat. Since then, hundreds of such festivals have been successfully held around the world. Some witness the attendance of veritable crowds such as the one in New York which welcomes 60,000 visitors.

Dragon boat emotions
Dragon boat emotions
Dragon boat emotions
Dragon boat emotions
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8th Banyoles Dragon Boat Festival