A part of Agenda

Dragon Boat Emotions is a strategic unit within the Agenda Sports&Elements company. It grew out of the will to take advantage of and promote the features of the Dragon Boat, an activity combining sport, recreation and the values of teamwork.

We offer services that are customised to our customers’ needs.


Team and mission

We have a team of young, dynamic professionals with experience in managing all areas of this business unit. Their mission is to serve any group wanting to enjoy the sporting, social and economic values of the Dragon Boat, as well as to assist in developing the fan base of this phenomenon.

We have a fleet of 9 boats. Six of them can hold 10 canoeists each, ideal for introductory sessions and amateur competitions. The remaining three are of a top competitive class, used for training camps; two hold 10 paddlers each and one is for 20 canoeists.

We have all the necessary equipment and a trailer for transporting the boats to any of our aquatic bases or where there are conditions suitable to our customers’ request.


Dragon Boat Emotions boasts three bases where any of its products or festivals can take place: Banyoles, the Barcelona International Sailing Centre and the Olympic Canal of Catalonia at Castelldefels. We can also offer our services anywhere in the country where the necessary requirements are fulfilled.

What is a Dragon Boat?

On a conceptual level, the Dragon Boat can be many things. Physically, it is a large canoe representing a dragon in honour of its origins in traditional Chinese mythology. There are two categories in this type of canoeing: 10 paddlers and 20 paddlers.

Teams are made up of one drummer who beats out the rhythm, the group of canoeists and the leader who steers the boat by using a large oar as a rudder. Its huge success is based on the fusion of sport and recreation with educational and social values.

People of all ages and backgrounds join forces and become equal cogs in the wheel with the objective of rowing the boat more efficiently.

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Easily learnt
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Exciting, fun and safe

Our target market

We are all member of a team: family, companies, sports organisations, associations, groups of friends, business delegations, schools, unions or other groups. Our services are offered to all groups that wish to benefit from the opportunities that this versatile activity provides.

It can be used to enjoy a simple introductory session (incentive schemes, celebrations, stag or hen parties), as part of company festivals, team-building exercises or motivation building, or even used as a way to diffuse conflicts.