Group Services

The mission of Agenda Sports&Elements is to set up and market package offers for the sports and sports-tourism sectors, as well as for companies and any type of association of people.

The majority of our offers are inter-disciplinary and can be adapted and tailored to any group. Our principal objective is to combine activities with logistical support in order to develop what is generically known as the “THEMED BREAK“, which generally lasts longer than one day.

Examples of these packages are:

  • training camps for different sports, sports clinics and campuses, etc.
  • conventional camps, recreational breaks.
  • camps for children afflicted with an illness, which are offered under the name “AULAS EN LA NATURALEZA” (Classes in Nature) find out more.


Under the name FIT&FUN, different combinations of sporting and tourist activities have been designed for people who exercise and are looking to enjoy experiences that fuse sport with leisure. One illustrative example is “DE CAP A BANYOLES” (From Head to Banyoles), a veritable mix of exciting activities in the environment that we know intimately, the county of Pla de l’Estany.