The service “pack hotel” consists in reserving rooms in hotels located in the different stage towns of TRANSPYR (except for Hondarribia). This service has been offered to facilitate participants the reservation of accommodation as close as possible to the finish and start area with an early morning breakfast. The organization is not responsible that the service provided by the accommodation (rooms, food, space for bikes, etc.) fulfils the expectations of the various participants.

The Transpyr Pack Hotel is sold from November until it is sold out.

Do not forget that the night in Roses on accreditation day is included but the night in Hondarribia is not included in Pack Hotel.





Price for 2 people

Waiting list open, interested send mail to



Price for 3 people



Price for 1 person



Price for 2 people




Price for 2 people



Price for 2 people



Price for 2 people

Waiting list open, interested send mail to




Departure 18/06/17



Departure 18/06/17


Purchase available from March 1, 2017. If you are interested in the transport service BCN-Roses Airport, you can send the schedule, flight number and number of people to or by calling 972 58 06 39.



The Trasnpyr Pack Hotel   is an optional service created for the participants who wish to overnight in hotels to facilitate the hotel booking for the event. This accommodation package consists of a hotel room plus breakfast in individual beds on double occupancy, for seven nights (TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST) or four nights (EAST and WEST) in a mixed of two and three star  -or equivalent standard- hotels. It is a limited service. Once the available rooms will be booked, the service will not be further offered, and the remaining participants who wish to accommodate in hotels are advised to lookt for them privately. The tourist information points from the different stages can help with it.

7 Stages: nights included are Roses, Camprodon, la Seu d’Urgell, el Pont de Suert, Aínsa, Jaca and Roncesvalles (Hondarribia not included)

EAST: nights included are Roses, Camprodon, la Seu d’Urgell, el Pont de Suert.

WEST: nights included are Pont de Suert, Aínsa, Jaca and Roncesvalles,

The  Transpyr Pack Hotel  is a standard service that consists of the nights that most of the participants may need. The organization can not deal with on purpose built hotel packages or booking. For the participants who need or want another type of service, they are advised to look at the section ACCOMMODATION AND TOURISM of our website (click) where they will find the entire accommodation offer at each stage town.

Many participants leave just after the Finisher’s Ceremony and just a few prefer to stay there. Additionally, accommodation in this big towns is large in quality and prices and we prefer that participants choose the hotel that better suits them.

The distribution of the booked rooms among the different hotels is not done until we close the  Transpyr Pack Hotel service. It will be at this moment when we will be able to inform you about your hotel at each stage town.

The selected hotels are between two and three stars or equivalent standard when those options are not available, and our choice has been based, besides the category, on the aptitude to offer a breakfast at a convenient hour, the proximity of the arrival and start areas and our experience of its quality. The limited offer of accommodation in the Pyrenees does not allow a wide variety of choice. On the other hand, we know that the category does not mean directly a major quality of service. This said, the organization will be awarding the rooms in the different hotels on order of purchase of the Transpyr Pack Hotel.

The organization can not deal with hotel changes. Mind that, furthermore, your Transpyr bag will be delivered to your assigned hotel from the Transpyr Pack Hotel.

We do not know. We have reserved a large breakfast that can give you enough energy, but ingredients and quantity is a policy of each hotel that we can not control.

The Transpyr Pack Hotel consists of a room for two persons for seven or four nights according to the event modality (see above) in a bed and breakfast basis. It is upon to you to decide who of the team members order the service.

The Transpyr Pack Hotel is thought for participants. However, the organization does only check that the person booking the service is a TRANSPYR participant, being the occupancy of the room or rooms a matter of the interested person/people.

These cases should be dealt directly between the interested participant and the hotel or hotels. The organization is not going to deal with any change on what is included in the Transpyr Pack Hotel.

In case of having to cancel the participation in TRANSPYR you will have a right of refund following the same conditions as for every Optional Service provided by the organization, which means:

  • before March the 31st a 75% of the total price is refunded
  • between April the 1st and May the 21st a 50% of the total price is refunded
  • from May the 22nd no money is refunded.

As it is stated in the previous question, in case of withdrawing for whatever reason from the event, no money of the Transpyr Pack Hotel will be refunded.


For any doubt or request, you can send an email a or call 972 58 06 39.