On Saturday October 24 will be held on 4th Dragon Boat Festival in Banyoles involving several teams from around the state. This year there will be two categories; a popular and regular practitioners. In the popular category may participate teams of people just started in this sport, either groups of friends or business equipment. And in the category of regular medical teams will take part in Dragon Boat and canoe that have incorporated this modality of their sport.

The 4th FESTIVAL is organized by Club Dragon Boat Banyoles Batació Agenda Sports & Elements coincides with the festival of the city. The theme this year is “A sporting festival of all and for all” and for this purpose we want to raise awareness and bring this sport in our country. A sport that raises passions in many parts of the world and wants to be in Banyoles gateway.


2 thoughts on “4th Dragon Boat Festival in Banyoles

  1. Kenny

    is this for 2015, or 2016?

  2. Hi Kenny,

    This entry is an announcement that was posted before the last edition of the festival, in October 2015.
    You can follow our activity regarding Dragonboat on http://www.facebook.com/dragonboatemotions
    If you wish to be the first in receiving information about future festivals, please send me your contact details to thomas@agendasports.com . As soon as new data are known, we will contact you.

    Kind regards!

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