Dragon boat emotions, Festival de Dragon Boat

The festival was held on the 24th October, coinciding with the town fair. The slogan of the event was: “A sports festival for everybody”, with the goal of making the Dragon Boat Festival representation, rather qualitative than quantitative, of the two major categories of which it exists:

Popular: Where any team of persons who are barely initiated in the Dragon Boat discipline can participate, and who are normally linked to each other by every-day relations (friends, business, associations, etc.)
In this category, there were teams representing companies, some of them already assiduous to the Festival, like Metalquimia and Gelatines Juncà. And others representing the potential of this sport in order to boost team-work. For example, the SEAT team of Martorell, which after participating in a similar festival in Germany already got hooked on the Dragon Boat discipline.

Furthermore we had several groups of friends, for example the south-Catalan Dracs del Penedès or the Chinese Beach Dragon Boat team.

Regular Dragon Boat rowers: usually canoeing clubs that have incorporated this discipline into their sport. In this category, the great performance of the Banyoles Swimming Club, especially the girls’ team, and the Seville Nautical Club, winners of the masculine teams, gave proof of the beauty and emotion this type of competition generates, destined to grow more and more popular at our home, as it has done in all the countries where it has made its way.

Banyoles will once again be known, as it is in the Triathlon discipline, as a pioneer and main access to another sports discipline which already creates passions and of which we will hear a lot more very soon.

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